ULISSE Extra Forte is an exceptional coffee blend for cappuccinos, lattes, etc. The most intense coffee and dark roast in the Caffe Pompeii family varieties. Inspired by the capital of coffee, ULISSE reveals the deep rooted roasting tradition of Naples, Italy. It’s deep character should be of no surprise. Aromatic profile, a velvety creamy cup with an extremely thick body and pleasantly bitter cocoa notes. Dark roast with creamy and strong flavor. A blend of three 100% Robusta coffee beans: Two from Africa and one from India. Out of this world !!!


Each capsule is packed in a special envelope which guarantees timely freshness and fragrance, as if it had just been roasted.

ULISSE Extre Forte Capsules for All Lavazza Espresso Point Machines

  •   10 Espresso ($0.70 / count)   $7.00

      50 Espresso ($0.44 / count) $22.00

    100 Espresso ($0.36 / count) $36.00

    200 Espresso ($0.34 / count) $68.00

    300 Espresso ($0.33 / count) $99.00