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Sweet and intense, a superb blend that perfectly unites the best features of African, Indian and Central American coffees. Miscela ATENA is a very balanced, dense coffee blend with a bittersweet chocolate and nutty flavor with pronounced notes of dried fruits. Forte is a pleasantly strong dark roast with a smooth aftertaste.


Each capsule is packed in a special envelope which guarantees timely freshness and fragrance, as if it had just been roasted.

ATENA Forte Capsules for All Nespresso OriginalLine Machines

  •   10 Espresso ($0.60 / count)     $6.00

      50 Espresso ($0.38 / count)   $19.00

    100 Espresso ($0.33 / count)   $33.00

    200 Espresso ($0.32 / count)   $64.00

    300 Espresso ($0.30 / count)   $90.00

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