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Gusto Speciale


Miscela APOLLO 11 - Caffé Pompeii’s newest blend dedicated to Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary. A special blend of 80% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil, Columbia and Ethiopia & 20% Robusta coffee beans from India producing a strong yet smooth, sweet and creamy full-bodied taste. Out of this world !!!


Each capsule is packed in a special envelope which guarantees timely freshness and fragrance, as if it had just been roasted.

APOLLO 11 Speciale Capsules for All Nespresso OriginalLine Machines

  • 10 Espresso ($0.70 / count)       $7.00

    50 Espresso ($0.42 / count)     $23.00

    100 Espresso ($0.40 / count)   $40.00


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