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COSTA RICA - Matinilla - 100% Arabica.

Arabica Express Costa Rica Matinilla 100% Arabica coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Costa Rica’s central valley. The central valley region boasts richly nourished volcanic soil, a generous amount of sun and the right proportion of rain to produce the very desirable, strictly hard bean (SHB).


Costa Rica Matinilla is a well balanced cup capturing unique complex qualities of smooth chocolate, a moderate citrus acidity and the subtle aroma of sweet honey.

COSTA RICA - Matinilla

  • Choose your coffee strength, Espresso, Lungo, Americano, or Coffee up to 6 fl.oz.


      10 pods ($0.60/count)   $6.00

      60 pods ($0.50/count) $30.00

      90 pods ($0.47/count) $42.00

    120 pods ($0.45/count) $54.00

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