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COLOMBIA - Medellin Supremo - 100% Arabica.

The finest of the Columbian coffees is the Supremo. Colombian Supremo, plucked from Medellin in the Central Highlands, delivers a consistently unique overall balance that has made Colombian coffees world famous.

Colombia-Medellin Supremo offers sweet pleasure all day long with its rich full body, smooth flavor, sweet and delicate aroma, with nutty and subtle smoky overtones with a very smooth finish.

A classic!

COLOMBIA - Medellin Supremo

  • Choose your coffee strength, Espresso, Lungo, Americano, or Coffee up to 6 fl.oz.


      10 pods ($0.60/count)   $6.00

      60 pods ($0.50/count) $30.00

      90 pods ($0.47/count) $42.00

    120 pods ($0.45/count) $54.00

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