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The CPS® Consortium

What is CPS®?

® (Coffee Pod Standard) is a set of standards adopted by The CPS® Consortium ensuring the quality of coffee pods and the machines
used to brew coffee pods. The CPS® coffee pod standard trademark on coffee pod machines and coffee pod packaging enables the consumer and the distribution chain to identify the compatibility between the two products and therefore be reassured in their choice. This international industrial standard is based upon the use of single-serve coffee pod machines and single-serve coffee pods of various brands and models which are compatible with one another and available in a number of price ranges.

The notion of freedom of choice and guarantee of quality may be attained by simply finding and combining both CPS
® trademarks: one being found on the coffee pod machine and the other being found on the single-serve coffee pod packaging.

Applying the CPS
® standard benefits? 

  • the consumer, who requires transparency and freedom of choice in terms of brands and models in the various price ranges and

  • the coffee pod industry, which requires a single serve standard and is looking to open into new markets.

Advantages for the consumers

  • Simplicity and speed of use

  • Greater cleanliness and hygiene. No waste of coffee

  • Less maintenance

  • Constant quality

  • Freedom of choice and compatibility

  • Respect for the environment

Advantages for coffee roasters and packers

  • Rapid reduction in barriers to enter into the single-serve coffee pod market

  • Fast growing market aligned with new consumption trends

  • Immediate trademark recognition

  • Easy access to distribution

  • Increase in total consumer-owned machines

  • Guaranteed higher value-added and an increase in margins

Advantages for coffee pod machine producers

  • A new stimulus for the single-serve coffee pod machine market

  • Growing trademark recognition

  • Added value offered to consumers

To our fellow coffee industry people,


Together we can make a difference in guiding the way the single serve coffee industry heads into the future.
Packaging coffee in paper filter pods results in a far superior tasting coffee while at the same time addresses the environmental concerns with plastic and other non compostable packaging.

Our outstanding commercial grade ePOP® espresso & coffee pod machine will be arriving this summer.

Let’s start to make a difference for the upcoming holidays.

You will be glad you did!

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With our expertise, convert your signature coffee or espresso blends to paper filter pods. They will go hand to hand with our amazing ePOP® machine for yours precious customers.

The single-serve coffee & espresso future is here!

Don't miss this opportunity.

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