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Belluno - Veneto
Brad Smith from San Jose, CA
I've been using Bristot pods for about 4 years. They are a little bolder than Illy pods and a lot cheaper. I tried a few dozen different brands before settling on Bristot. I couldn't be happier with the quality and taste.
Joseph Hamway from Long Valley, NJ
A good brew, but I'll stick with my favorite Podhead exclusive...Ciald'oro! Smoother, richer, and sweeter from my Fiamma commercial machine. Less crema than the Ciald'oro, as well.
Tom Burick from Baltimore, MD
Simply put, the best espresso I have ever put to my lips. I can drink it straight with a little splenda, or in lattes when in the mood.
ONLY FALLBACK, is the doubleshot pod does not work in the Starbucks Barista machine.... Of course this is not the fault of Bristot, just thought I would post that in case anyone else with a Barista machine thought they would go from the single pods to the double.
D. Barrett from Lynchburg, VA
The Bristot pods are absolutely delightful!! I've used Starbucks (too bitter) and Lavazza (good but not as tasty as the Bristot) prior to the Bristot and find it to be far superior to both of them. The taste is smooth and consistent throughout the entire shot and the crema is superb. My machine is definitely not a top of the line model and I look forward to using Bristot pods when I upgrade. Thank you Podhead for the free samples sent with my order and your superior delivery service as well. I'll be a repeat customer.
Andrew C Frederick from Lansing, Michigan
I use the Bristot pods with a FrancisFrancis X5. It makes a smooth espresso with good crema with just a little bitterness but low acid. This coffee makes a good caffe americano, (better than Illy medium) and a good cappuccino. My order arrived promptly, with a couple of free samples. Thanks. I would order Bristot again.
Rosemary Hamilton from Rimersburg, Pa
Full flavor...excellent aroma...Would purchase again.
BJ from Minneapolis, MN
I have tried many pods, Lavazza, Illy, Brunocafe and I think the Bristot are the best. I get a very rich creama every time and no bitterness. I drink the espresso straight most of the time and I can sprinkle sugar on the crema and it will float on top for at least 5 seconds before busting through. I worked in the coffee industry for years and this was one of the ways we tested crema at the coffee shops. I also think the flavor of these pods works great in cappuccinos and lattés. I have a middle of the road home espresso machine and I was sad that it didn't have the horsepower to use ground beans but these pods have saved my machine from going into moth balls. Yeah Bristot!
Michael Gratz from Clarks Summit, PA
Tried various brands of pods and find Bristot to be creamy and rich. Will probably keep as my brand.
Susan Carrano Ciarapica from New York City
We used to get the Illy pods. But we had so many Illy tins from the coffee around the house, and it was expensive. We decided that we were paying extra for the tins. Bristot is a great product! Fast shipping with PODhead! The quality and delivery that you can always count on!
John A Crooks from Jacksonville Beach, FL
I ordered both the regular and decaf pods. I have been very impressed with the flavor and strength of both. I have a Krups low-end pump machine, but the espresso generated with these pods has been strong, aromatic and flavorful, without any 'burnt' flavor. A great coffee.
Kelli Womack from Atlanta, GA
I ordered this brand based on the label! (I chose my wines the same way) It is incredible - each time I have made espresso, it has been perfect. The crema was always present and the taste reminded me of Paris. I would definately order another 50 or 100 pods.
Joe K. H. from Ann Arbor, MI
After trying 5 of the Italian blends, this was middle of the road. I found it to be too bitter compared to other brands. Of course, like anything relating to espresso it is personal preference. I cannot recommend highly enough to take advantage of Podhead's unique "Pod Picking" offering to try the various brands.
Stephanie Gruwell from Powder Springs, GA
We have tried several different pods, but we tend to like the Bristot the best. We could never remember what each of the other pods tasted like but with Bristot the taste and flavor was consistent. Also, the decaf pods, don't taste like decaf. When you go to Starbuck's you can taste the difference between caffeine and decaf. Haven't noticed that with Bristot.
Antonio Colafrancesco from Stoughton, Mass
This is the first time that I used a pod in my coffee maker. I have a Saeco machine which takes both ground and pod, the pod is much better. The coffee is creame just like the one in Noth End. The service is great, I recieved the pods the next day. I reccomended the pod to all the persons that like expresso coffee.
Rita Douglas from Front Royal, VA
Rich Robust Flavor, Strong yet not bitter. Good everyday blend.
Gregori Schwarz from Redmond, WA
Well, this has been my first experience with podhead.com, and I chose this brand based on the most exciting reviews here, so I probably expected too much. The coffe is being praised here for lack of bitternes, but to my taste, a little bit of bitternes only make the espresso better... Otherwise, reasonably good coffe. Unfortunately, only after I got my oder I found out that they have here the samples program, so I should have probably started with it.. The podhead.com service is excellent, I received my pods promptly.
Lee Johnson from New Jersey
I bought the Bristot due to all the wonderful reviews -- and without considering that it comes up first due to alphabetical listing. But I found the coffee much too weak and sweet for my taste. I drink my espresso with steamed milk, and it simply doesn't hold up. After one box of the Bristot, I bought a sampler that I'm still working through. So far, the Arabicas are my favorite. But some of the other selections also work.
Jean-Pierre Jacquet from Greenwich, Ct
Great stuff, just like in Europe, with plenty of "crema"; I have a Barista Espresso machine from Starbucks and it's a relief not to have to use the Starbucks pods which are 1) not as good as these Italian ones, and 2) overpriced.
Ari Gerstin from Miami, FL
GREAT product and GREAT service! Milder than Starbucks pods, yet still tasty and strong. Nice crema. A++++ all the way.
Steve Wechsler from Syracuse, NY
The Bristot pods allow me to make an excellent shot in my office using my Francis X3. They are so good and so convenient, I now use them at home as well (in a Baby Gaggia with a pod adapter from Whole LatteLove)and am getting better espresso then when I was grinding my own from beans. Excellent espresso experience!
Lukas Schumacher from San Diego, CA
I was searching for a convenient way to purchase coffee pods on the Internet. My compliments to Podhead, good clean website with all the information you need. Once I placed the order I pleasantly surprised of the speed of the transaction. The pods arrived 2 days later at my house.
I am very satisfied with the quality of the product. I prefer a very dark roast similar to the Starbucks pods. The Bristot is right up my alley. Good strong taste without the bitterness of some other products. I also like the little tab on the pod for easy removal. Without the tab the pods tend to get stuck in my espresso machine. Also thanks for the extra samples.
Nancy Kinney from St. Louis MO
We found Podhead.com after learning that Starbucks stopped shipping pods (and other coffee, too, from what their customer service people told us). The Bristot pods fit our Barista machine (and we like the pull tab for easier removal), although the espresso drips more slowly. The taste is delicious - sweet, not as acidic as Starbucks pods.
Guillermo De Leon from Palatine, Illinois
I tried Bristot because I first read the reviews. Those people were right about Bristot. It is the best ever!!! I used to buy Illy, but I think we are paying more for the container than the coffee. Try Bristot before you try anything else.
Thomas Doering from Omak, Washington
This is a great choice for a daily breakfast espresso for me. The pods are virtually always consistently tightly-pressed and I've yet to get a broken or flawed one-- no difficulties whatsoever to produce great crema every time. This is also a great one that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. Bristot decaf. in their attractive blue package is well-matched to the regular in flavor for those people who like "low-caffeine" doubles, because you can use one of each of the blue-packaged decaf. and brown-packaged regular pods, without any big changes in flavor overall. This is an excellent technique as well for people who are trying to reduce their caffeine intake somewhat for health reasons, but who are not required or willing to give up the caffeine completely.
Joel Cohen from Rutherford NJ
Eric Schuettpelz from Durham, NC
Fast service. Great pods. Thanks!
Gary Welk from Chicago, IL
This was my first time using pods, and based on the other reviews, I decided to try the Bristot. The other reviewers were right, this is how espresso is supposed to taste! Outstanding! I'm hooked!
Mike Karchmer from Rockville, MD
This is a satisfying, full-bodied blend, with little bitterness. The Bristot pods are well-made and nicely packaged to stay fresh. Similar in taste and style to Chris' Coffee's excellent Caffe Cremoso pod, Bristot can be highly recommended. (Podhead's service was lightning fast. Thanks!)
Michael Cudahy from Saratoga Springs, NY
Excellent aroma, smooth goin' down and no bitterness to speak of. Produces a 4+/5 crema. Perfect all around choice.
John LeBlanc from Coventry, RI
My regular standard coffee, very smooth and no bitterness. I had been using Starbucks pods for some time. I was not displeased with the starbucks until trying this coffee. Both my wife and I found ourselves quick converts to the Bristot blends as well as other pods availble here on PODhead.com
Nancy from Auburn, NH
After purchasing a new pod-compatible espresso machine (a Francis! Francis! -- worship the machine...), I dallied with some of the pods that came with the machine: Illy, medium-roast, the standard that is available even in the wilds of NH. Disgusting stuff, Illy was. I ran across podhead.com and was intrigued by their "exclusive" pods of Bristot Italian espresso. Tried it this morning.
Excuse my shouting. It really is that good. It stands up to icing quite nicely for those of us who sweat too much in the summer for a hot espresso. It is one of the very best espressos I have had, including coffees I drank while in Italy and France. Get this pod. Don't hesitate.